Zéro Zéro

Paris, France


Elisa Dudnikova

This tiny bar is a schizophrenic mixture of torn wallpaper, painted plants, graffiti, stickers and toys. This place is definitely not for neat-freaks, while music and art lovers should love it.
For some mysterious reason, the bar is always full with musicians, artists (including graffiti artists), photographers, designers, film directors and just idlers. In a word, this bar, where the only way of getting around is in dancing moves while trying to spill as little as possible of the other people's drinks, is a gathering spot for the Parisian Boheme. Why? First of all, it is the sound: each day there are excellent DJs playing house music, minimal and hip-hop/funk. The main secret, however, is probably the total freedom in everything from the decorations to the young owners. A little tip: act like locals and order beer, mojito or their brand cocktail 'Zéro Zéro'.


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