Square Barye

Paris, France


Elisa Dudnikova

On any warm day, all Paris parks and embankments are packed with people – locals believe not a ray should be missed. A picnic or a chill-out with a book by the Seine is a great idea, however, half of the city thinks the same. Be smart to secure a spot and go to Square Barye in the westernmost part of Island of Saint-Louis. It is picturesque and has secret stairs to the embankment where you can easily find a place under the sun to get some tan and enjoy the sound of the waves disturbed by boats. Saint-Louis hasn't been discovered by tourists yet, so Parisians go there to escape from noise and crowds. Do like locals – grab a bottle of wine, cheese, a just baked baguette and make a sunset picnic. A great alternative to a night aperitif in a bar or a dinner replacement.


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