Quai Saint-Bernard

Paris, France


Elisa Dudnikova

One of the most lively and pleasant embankments in Paris is Quai Saint-Bernard. It is a well-developed and green promenade between the Arab World Institute and Jardin des Plantes. There is a small park/museum Tino Rossi with modern sculptures, playgrounds and most importantly, several amphitheatres with dances held in the evenings during summertime; the dances are attended by pros and amateurs as well as ordinary people. Weather permittin and when all museums and shops are closed while it isn't yet time for dinner, you can observe Parisians in unusual environment to learn about the concept of "carpe diem", their ability to enjoy simple things and have fun, forgetting about all restraints. On weekdays dances start at 7 p.m., on weekends – at 5 p.m. The dancers can choose among three amphitheatres. The space gets quickly filled with couples dancing salsa, samba, tango or swing, but no matter what music plays, the main thing is the terrific atmosphere of the place. There are few other places in Paris where you can see the locals being so sincere and relaxed, to communicate with them while dancing and to realise that they are different from what they look like during the working day.


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