Parc Georges-Brassens

Paris, France


Elisa Dudnikova

Opened in 1984, it took the place of the Vaugirard slaughter-houses (a reminder – two bronze bulls at the entrance, like those placed by large meat markets, and a clock tower by the pond). The park got its name after the famous poet, composer and songwriter Georges Brassens who used to live nearby. The place was also home to vineyards – they are still there and in use to make Clos des Morillons wine. Every fall, the park hosts the honey harvest festival when kids are shown how bees live and work and the first Saturday of October is the honey market day. And weekends are time for antique book sellers. Brassens who loved nature would have been pleased – aroma of roses (there are some 500 shrubs in the park) and herbs, a little mountain river with pines and birch and lots of green. Take your kids, there are plenty of activities for them.


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