Musée National Gustave-Moreau

Paris, France


Elisa Dudnikova

Gustave Moreau lived in this two-storey mansion for more than half a century, and it was him who opened a museum here in the beginning of the 1890s. Moreau was a painter whose works mainly revolve around biblical, mystic and visionary themes. A huge collection of his finished and unfinished paintings, the originals of which have long been sold out to private collectors, allows to briefly immerse into a strange but beautiful world of his. Many paintings exhibited were abandoned in the process of painting, and this incompleteness gives a strange fell that the artist is about to come any minute to finish the work. Squeaky floors, a marvellous winding stairs leading to Moreau's atelier, and the setting itself make this museum unique and loved by art connoisseurs.


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