Le Mary Céleste

Paris, France


Elisa Dudnikova

A new bar opened by the team behind Candelaria and Glass is easy to walk past without noticing, because from the outside it looks more like a simple pizza restaurant than one of the trendiest bars in Marais. In Mary Celeste, that got its name after an American ghost ship, apart from great cocktails (the recommended choice is The Rain Dog, Masala Cow or a variation of your favourite cocktail), wine and beer, it's worth ordering oysters – they have most unusual species and clean them right next to the bar (during the happy oyster hour, from 5 to 7 p.m., their price is slashed to 1 euro each). For those who haven't yet fallen for oysters, a Canadian chef Khaan offers fantastic fusion cuisine. Relaxed atmosphere, good music and friendly staff that is always ready to help with advice, are those small details that, together with delicious food and drinks, have made this place so popular.


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