Paris, France

Elisa Dudnikova

"The Fugitive" is one of the largest spa centres in Paris and definitely one of the nicest ones. It is just a few steps away from Richard Lenoir boulevard, on a quiet Folie Mericourt street. The facade of L'echapée doesn't give the right impression of what's inside, as is often the case in Paris. Spending a day in L'echapée is the best way to recharge your batteries after long days of shopping, walking and visiting museums. Massage, swimming pool, hammam, various procedures, as well as pilates and yoga – there are plenty of choices. Begin with full body massage, take a break for tea by the pool, and then take a swim and go to hammam. When you feel hungry, just go upstairs to the restaurant, sit on a snug sofa and order what will be one of the tastiest meals of your trip. At weekends they have fantastic brunches, but for those come early, as the number of people willing to try them is usually much bigger than the number of seats available.


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