La promenade plantée

Paris, France

Elisa Dudnikova

This original Paris park was build on top of old railway lines that on their part were built on the place of a viaduct. A five-km promenade in lush green begins with the elevated Viaduc des Arts on Avenue Daumensnil and ends in Périphérique - a ring road around Paris, piercing through tunnels, gardens and buildings. Thick ivy, hundreds of rose bushes, lavender, bamboo, grapes, maple, cherry and linden trees – Philippe Mathieux and Jacques Vergely made this part of Paris a garden of delight. Paths are narrow and lead to arches and tunnels as well as covered green arch-galleries. In early summer enjoy roses in blossom, in June – the aroma of linden trees and any time of the year – escape from the city hustle


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