Jardin des plantes

Paris, France


Elisa Dudnikova

You will not be allowed to lie on the grass of the Botanical Garden but for sure can walk around century-old cedar trees, shrubs and flowers or enjoy the scent in a huge rose garden. The largest territory is taken by the Zoo – little, but nice. Deer, pink flamingo, koala and kangaroo - you won’t will sorry for them as animals are properly looked after. Here you will also find a Natural History Museum and the super exciting Paleontology Museum with skeletons – from dinosaurs to almost all existing vertebrae. You can look at the fauna in the Great Gallery of Evolution and flora in Orangery – they often arrange shows, like exhibition of orchids. March-April is the best time to come when magnolia, apple and cherry trees are in bloom to say nothing of other flowers. However, gardeners work all year long so have something to showcase even in winter.


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