Jardin Anne Frank

Paris, France


Elisa Dudnikova

This place is almost impossible to stumble across and that's its charm – finding a quiet park in busy Marais is such a challenge that nobody takes it. The entrance is well hidden in Impasse Berthaud dead-end (look for a tobacco shop across Pompidou). The park has three zones – the first and the most modern has a couple of benches and a chess table for local old men, the center is the oldest dating back to the 17th century with a vast lawn perfect for a sunny day picnic and the third has a playground and a kitchen garden. To the left of the entrance you can see a chestnut – it used to be a branch of a chestnut tree, which grew in front of Anne Frank house in Holland. This is the best post-Pompidou place to rest – it is deserted, as even locals don't know about it.


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