Paris, France

Elisa Dudnikova

This restaurant is so talked-about and hard-to-get-without-a-two-month-in-advance-booking. A dinner here is a huge event for everyone who managed to book a table (by phone every weekday from 15 to 17, or online), but it's is worth waiting: the chef used to work with Jamie Oliver, the menu changes every night, and dinner is never a disappointment. Just a little tip: if planning a dinner two months in advance is not your plan but you love spontaneity, come by 7 pm. Smile (it's important, everywhere in Paris) and leave your number in case someone doesn't show up. Then go to their wine bar across the road. There is at least a couple of people who manage to dine here like this every day. If luck is not on your side, you can eat in the wine bar. Evening won't be wasted anyway.


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