Paris, France


Elisa Dudnikova

The heart of Paris glamour can be found on Saint-Germain boulevard. A small, but beautiful boutique Diptyque has been selling the best candles, aromatic soap and perfume of the capical for more than half a century. True "objects of desire" are white candles with fragrance of a campfire or cinnamon, fig tree or coriander, fleur-de-lis and quince. The mixed fragrance in the shop itself turned out to be so pleasing that Diptique created Candle 34, reproducing this smell. The sellers are usually friendly (a rare thing for Paris), calm and help customers in an almost impossible task to choose the right fragrance. Each visitor is taught the following ritual: in order to better understand the aroma of a candle, the glass it stands in is turned upside down, the candle falls on a special pad, and then all you need to do is smell the empty glass to feel the true smell of it. Every candle will be wrapped for you is a bright but stylish paper and it will become a perfect present for yourself and your friends that will remind of the trip for a long time.


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