Nice, France


Ирина Мацанова

If you still have energy left after a walk in the city or a drive through the neighborhood, you can go dancing. If you ask the locals for fun places to go in the evenings, they will point you to Wayne’s. When you pass by this place, you will recognize it right away — by the loud music and dancers on the street, and sometimes even on the tables. This is the way Wayne’s looks almost all the time, except for the hour and a half when the bar explodes with exclamations at the moment of a goal, a disappointing miss, or a violation on the field. But after the soccer match, everything returns to normal: the music, fun, and dancing.

The visitors are mostly international, although locals also enjoy hanging out at the oldest pub in Nice — there have always been parties here since 1991. Traditionally, every evening after 10 pm, there are musicians playing at the bar. Later, they are replaced by trendy DJs.

As for drinks, Wayne’s offers dozens of draft beer options, as should be the case at any classic pub. It also features a full set of cocktails for a good party: Cosmopolitan, Long Island Iced Tea, Margarita, Whiskey Sour, Sex on the Beach and other famous names. Mono variations, such as champagne, wine, rum or whiskey are also available so that every guest can choose the perfect drink for himself or herself. The cuisine here is for those who have decided to switch from French gastronomy to American fast food: burgers, barbecue wings, fish and chips, nachos with guacamole, etc.

The average bill: cocktails and beer starting from 6 euros, the average bill with a meal: 13-18 euros.


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