Bakery Blanc

Nice, France


Ирина Мацанова

It seems that in France, bakers, not roosters, wake up before everyone else. How else would you explain the fact that by seven in the morning, along with the sunlight, the city is filled with the smell of freshly baked baguettes and croissants? You too should get up early and get in line behind monsieurs and madames. Yes, do not be surprised that you were not the only one who came before the opening hours — there are quite a few people wishing to grab a soft "crescent" from the first (or at least from the second) pan.

Just the line itself is enough to understand that the baked goods at Boulangerie Blanc are outstanding. A tender flan, an apple tart or an apricot pie with chocolate will help to get this point across. If you'd like something more substantial — get a tart with salmon and cheese, a sandwich with tuna, Parma ham or chicken. By the way, you don't need to wait in line — technology has changed even the century-old traditions of French bakeries. Now, you can order some of the meals on the bakery website and pick them up at any time you'd like.


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