The first day in Prague: walk along historical places

Prague, Czech Republic

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The ideal route to fall in love with the cozy city with narrow streets and amazing viewpoints.

The Home Kitchen

The Home Kitchen – is a very nice small café with homemade food. There are only two long tables at which the visitors sit. Soup, several pies and salads are always on the menu. You will always here be offered perfect coffee, granola, eggs sunny side-up in the mornings, and soup, wine and beer during the day or in the evenings. Amazing home atmosphere, fast internet connection and affordable prices – what else should you need in Prague which is full of pubs in folk style.


Saint Vitus Cathedral is one of the most famous long-term constructions in the world (conceding now the first place to Sagrada Familia in Barcelona): the construction lasted for more than five hundred years. It is known for the largest rosette window in the world, diameter of which is more than 10 meters, and for amazing stained-glass windows. You definitely should have a look at the St Wenceslas Chapel, and try to go up to the bell tower – the view from here is astonishing.

Kafka Museum

Kafka was born in Prague and spend his childhood and youth here, though he didn’t like his native town. He claimed that memories about narrow streets, similar to stuffy labyrinths, inspired him to create “The Castle”. Kafka Museum in Prague is not very rich in exhibits, but it is interactive. The atmosphere of famous novels is recreated here very precisely: muted anxious music, semi-darkness, narrow hallways and stairs. Mysterious play of light and shadow makes the visitors feel they see small bugs on the walls. This feeling increases when you enter the hall with Kafka’s paintings. Absolute illusion of life is created in the hall devoted to the beloved women of the writer, whom he had quite many despite his specific appearance.

Charles Bridge (Kurluv Most)

It is a tradition to make wishes at the Charles Bridge. It is the most beautiful bridge in Prague and is a walking area in any season and any time of day and night. You have to cross the Charles Bridge to start the visit to Mala Strana – wonderful and picturesque part of the town. On the way from one bank of the Vltava river to the other one you can buy souvenirs for yourself, relatives and friends, as well as make several photos of amazing views of Prague.

Charles University

Charles University, one of the oldest universities in Europe, was founded in 1348. To enter the building of the University you don’t need a pass nor special permission: it is highly recommended to see the ancient walls of the University inside, feel the special atmosphere of this amazing university.

Prague Astronomical Clock

The Old Town hall with famous astronomical clock is situated on the Old Town Square. Every hour there is a show with apostles, human vices and mighty death. The clock dates back to XV century, it was renewed several times to function well now. You should definitely go up to the observation deck – it is not very high, but the view on red tile roofs of Prague is amazing.

U Fleků

This is a place with not only delicious food, but where beer is brewed according to old times recipes. Beware – you might get drunk after the first small glass, as it is live non-pasteurized dark beer and it is quite strong. I highly recommend to try national meal called svíčková na smetane. It is beef tenderloin with cream and jam with traditional knedliky (dumplings) for side dish. The portions are very big, so one hot dish might be enough to eat up.

Park Vyšehrad

Here it is calm; nice green labyrinths are neatly cut and amazingly well-groomed, and the atmosphere is very special – warm and cozy. Rotunda of Saint Martin – the oldest rotunda in Prague, is situated here. The park stands on the hill, and the panoramic view from it on the town is wonderful.

Jewish Museum in Prague

Famous Jewish Museum consists not only of the cemetery (of which everybody has of course heard), but also of a complex of synagogues and museum halls. Be prepared to buy the ticket to the museum for quite expensive price in comparison to everything in Prague – 300 Czech crones (around 550 Russian rubles). But buying the ticket after 1 pm gives you an advantage – it can be used twice. It gives you the possibility to visit the complex again the next day, what is very good taking into consideration how many objects and buildings there are inside the complex. It is impossible to see everything in one day, but when visited unhurriedly Museum astonishes you. According to the legend you can make a wish in the cemetery and it of course will come true.

Wenceslas Square

If you can’t imagine your trips without shopping, you should definitely go to the Wenceslas Square. But even if you do – it is still worth seeing. It is the largest square of the city, and it is exactly where the students’ riots began almost fifteen years ago, which led to revolution and further disintegration of Czechoslovakia to Czech Republic and Slovakia. Besides that, there are many shops with clothes, shoes and souvenirs on the Wenceslas Square.

Mamma Coffee

Mamma Coffee – is a perfect vegetarian café, to where locals love to come for lunch or for delicious desserts. The place is really cute – high ceilings, a lot of light and windows from floor to ceiling. There is a menu in English and waiters are always ready to give advice on what to try. Here you can find tasty soups, vegetarian burgers, lemonades and wine. Cakes and pies are cooked in local bakery, and they are always top quality. But sometimes it happens that delicious food is very quick to finish.


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