Kafka and Mucha: Prague museums

Prague, Czech Republic

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Natasha Fuchs

From the traditionally visited by everyone Kafka’s Museum to the most progressive art space in the city.


The most progressive cultural space in all Czech Republic is DOX, center of modern art, architecture and design located in Prague. The center is experimental, it was open in 2008 thanks to the private initiative, during last three years it held around 80 exhibitions and more than 300 educational projects. Among the most impressive for me are – Performance Lab dedicated to the modern Czech performance; Rudolf Steiner and Contemporary Art – devoted to the influence of German anthroposophy on culture; Chelsea Hotel – devoted to the legendary New York hotel, where many American artists and photographers lived and worked.

Národní galerie

The National Gallery in Prague was founded in 1796 and occupies seven premises in the city: Veletržní palác, Šternberský palác, Schwarzenberský palác, Palác Kinských, Klášter sv. Anežky České, Dům U Černé Matky Boží and Salmovský palác. Every of the mentioned castles and monasteries is a work of art itself and visiting them is a basis of historic and cultural enlightenment in Czech capital.

Franz Kafka Muzeum

It is very hard to imagine Prague without Franz Kafka: the plot lines of his works are closely connected with this town. Kafka was born in Prague and lived here all his life: all the chronology of his life is presented in details in this museum. Franz Kafka Museum will be interesting and useful for not only the admirers of his talent, but also for everyone who would like to know about separate, private life and fate in mystical Prague.

Mucha Muzeum

I go to the Alfons Mucha Museum during my every visit to Prague. My indispensable program is to honor the memory of the art-nouveau master and to enjoy the great images he created. The permanent exposition includes around one hundred works. And I highly recommend to stop at the souvenir shop: nice presents for friends can be found here, including the famous Mucha’s posters with the image of Sarah Bernhardt.

Muzeum Hraček

One of my favorite places on the way to Old Town is the Toy Museum, that occupies eleven halls on two floors of former counts chambers. I have visited similar museums in other countries and should say that the Prague one has the largest collection of historic toys in Europe. Traditional Czech puppets, toy railway, car and plane models, first Barbies and Kens, simple wooden and tin toys dated to beginning of the previous century, teddy bears from all over the world – where else if not in the Toy Museum you would like to be a child a bit longer.


Utopia gallery is being managed by an interesting Prague collective – AM180, that also runs the activity of AMDISCS label and organizes summer festival Creepy Teepee. The gallery exists since 2003 and now is defined by a trendy term “multifunctional cultural space”. Independent musicians, artists, exhibitions, performances and concerts, a bit of punk esthetics – these are the basics of this place’s success.


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