The Old Town Square

Prague, Czech Republic


Гарри Вебер

Prague is a wonderful city and you will hardly find there any street with no magic having happened on it. In one place a buried treasure was once found, in another everybody still remembers the sorcerer who used to live there, in another you can still meet the Hairy Ghost. On the Square the most curious travelers can book an excursion which will be conducted by a person dressed in skeleton or any other evil spirit costume and who will share all the town secrets. This is not a bad idea at all if you would like to feel the mystical atmosphere of Prague. Keeping in mind all that scary stories, don’t forget the main one – legend about Golem. 300 years ago, the chief rabbi in Prague (and a practitioner of black magic as well) Judah Loew ben Bezalel brought to life a clay figure. At first the creature helped its master about the house, but soon the rabbi started using Golem for his discreditable practice. It is considered that Golem is still alive and dwells at Old New Synagogue (Staronova synagoga): the Prague Jewish community covered this story with mystery not letting anybody access the attic of the synagogue, and even having dismantled the ladder to the attic several decades ago.


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