COFFEE in Shanghai

Shanghai, China

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Dmitry Timokhin

Several popular city coffee houses attended by locals and suitable for Europeans.


A small but very trendy coffee house in the center of Shanghai. In fact it is a showroom of reconstructed and renovated furniture in art-deco style dated by first third of last century. Wi-Fi, simple desserts, and amazing spirit of old times. The interior objects are being sold and can be rented as well. Moreover, it is a place of regular holding events devoted to local design and designers.

Antique Garden Shanghai

Two-stored house in the center of Shanghai is worth visiting while walking along the city. The café is full of antiquities as if it were an antique shop. There is more space on the terrace and in summer it is especially nice there. Besides, it is possible to rent the second floor for events: here you can find projector, board for making notes and everything you might need for workshops.


From the outside this place reminds a British beer pub. Inside you can find beer (but the bottled one), and wine, but the atmosphere is definitely like in a coffee house. There are many cakes in the menu, and also some plain dishes like salads, sandwiches and pasta. The most pleasant place to sit is the open balcony with a view on quiet street. Southern Barbarian and Lomo center are located nearby. On the Donghu street there is a second place of the same owners – a perfect restaurant Sichuan Citizen.


A coffee house in a three-room flat on the third floor of apartment building was opened by a young couple – she is from Beijing, he is from Shanghai. What they did was furnitured the flat with vintage objects of the 30s, brought vinyl records with jazz music and got cats. At first there were three cats, but later they bred and now seven animals of various colors live here. The place is very nice, but a bit faraway from the center.


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