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Feijoada is a meal that is almost sacred in Rio. It is a slow cooked stew of beans, pork, beef that is especially popular in the region. The beans are typically black and are accompanied by couve (green, leafy vegetable), rice, and orange slices. Traditionally, each cook has their own way of cooking feijoada. Because it takes a while to prepare, it is usually served at restaurants on the weekends. We have culled a list of some of the best places to try feijoada in the city.

Boteco Salvação

The Casa da Matriz group is known for entertaining, they are the minds behind the Teater Odisséia and Albrg da Matriz performance spaces. Boteco Salvação is no different. Outfitted with kitschy, vintage inspired memorabilia, even the decor of Boteco Salvação is attention-grabbing. The pub-like diner hosts a range of attractions almost every night of the week. From Samba and soccer on Sundays to jazz night and retro lindy hop bands, there is something for most tastes that usually guarantees music with your meal. If music isn’t your thing, go for the nightly drink specials. Boteco Salvação’s 2 for 1 drink specials have made the spot perfect for locals’ after work get-togethers and celebrations. Each drink has its own night of the week. Tuesday is Mojito night. Drink one up alongside the popular homemade Rock burger.

Figueira Rubaiyat Rio

With eight other restaurants around the world, Figueira Rubaiyat, especially known for their high quality meats, has carved out a new space in the Rio gastronomic scene. Their prime Jockey club location has graceful architecture that overlooks the racetracks and reveals a view of Cristo. Everything is delivered with impeccable quality, many of their products, including cheeses, milk, and meats are produced directly on the Rubaiyat farm in Dourados, Mato Gosso do Sul. And in true Brazilian fashion, the meat takes centre stage of the meal. An order of the famous baby beef is a winning choice. Try the Brangus breed or the Tropical Kobe Beef. All of the meat dishes they offer are accompanied by what the restaurant calls potato souffles- little crispy, airy, two-bite cuts of potatoes, that resemble puffed steak fries. Inspired by the city of Rio, this location also has original seafood plates. And about every two weeks Figueira Rubaiyat offers new food and wine pairings.


Abaporu, named after a famous artwork by brazilian painter Tarsila do Amaral that has become as iconic for the country as American Gothic or the Mona Lisa. The dishes here are brimming with just as much national pride. Flavors from all over the country come together on plates served in this charming Copacabana gastrobistro. The service is Brazilian too---very friendly and familial. Cordon Bleu-trained chef Rebecca Cabot, changes the menu based on the local ingredients available in the country at the time. Cabot specializes in seafood dishes, but if the blood-marinated chicken is available, it is not to be missed. For less adventurous diners, there is usually a ceviche on the menu. Take advantage of the opportunity to try cajuína or guaraná Jesus here, very Brazilian but not widely available soft drinks.


It’s almost impossible not to notice the sunshine yellow tables punctuating a corner of Rio’s historic Praça Floriano, in Cinelândia. This is the signature of Amarelinho, one of the oldest restaurants in Rio. Generation after generation has regarded this restaurant as a reference point of the city. Amarelinho is known for a menu of typical Rio fare for really decent prices, especially considering their generous portions. You will see many ordering the pizza and extra cold chop (beer on tap). Their respectable reputation coupled with a great location, has made them a favorite with travelers as well.
Many go before a show at the teatro municipal, the speedy service is a bonus. Others head to nearby Lapa after.

Brasileirinho Copacabana

The modernly appointed, traditional Brazilian food restaurant, Brasileirinho is perfect for anyone craving a good view alongside a good meal. The restaurant offers a privileged view of Copacabana beach and wonderfully varied selections of Brazilian food. The menu spans the entire the country, with selections of meats, fish, and vegetable entrees always creatively presented. The result is an experience that strikes that sultry balance between modern style, skilled technique, and pure, homemade pleasure. Try the popular bobó de camarão (shrimp stew) or feijoada which is offered daily here (as opposed to weekend-only at other restaurants).

Feijoada da Tia Surica

Samba and feijoada are cherished pillars of Carioca life. And for almost a decade now, Tia Surica has been serving home-style feijao alongside the most heart-felt live Samba music in Rio. Feijoada completa is comprised of black beans slow cooked with smoked meats and accompanied by farofa (toasted manioc flour, similar in texture to cornmeal), couve (thinly sliced, garlicky green vegetable) and sweet cool orange slices on the side. If you are looking for authentic,Tia Surica is the answer. Tia Surica was born in Madureira, a neighborhood in Rio’s North zone and home to Portela. Portela is one of the most prominent and most traditional Samba schools, and Tia Surica has performed with them since she was four. Now her feijoadas are located in the city’s center, housed in the Teatro Rival Petrobras on the last Saturday every month. These days Tia Surica always has invited guests play as musicians in the Samba circles, and if you are lucky, you will catch Tia Surica on stage singing and joking herself. Short of eating at the table of Tia Surica in her private home, you will be hard pressed to find a more authentic and joyful feijoada. The meal is than worth the $18, and Tia Surica makes the experience priceless.

Marquês da Gávea

Decked out in jerseys and sports photos, Marquês da Gávea bar is one of the best places to grab a beer and watch the game in Gávea. The beers are very cold and the appetizers are fresh--both can be had for a great price. Order the fresh fried codfish balls for only R$3 or a grilled meat skewer for R$6-$R8. You can grab a bottle of their Devassana beer for only R$ 6.50. It's the type of neighborhoody place, where repeat customers recognize one another (by face if not by name) and everyone feels at home. But for big soccer games and UFC matches the crowds can sometimes spill over onto the sidewalk so get their early for a table.


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