Vegan Vegan

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Doni Clemons

For those living in Rio, vegetarian options can be frustratingly greasy combinations of fried cheese and bread. Vegan Vegan was started by a vegan couple, Thina Izidoro and Jan Caravalho, that have become vigilant advocates of the meat-free lifestyle in the city of feijoada and churrascão. The food takes a minimalist approach and offers two prix-fixe choices per day. The chefs are noted for creating vegetarian versions of Brazilian favorites like the mushroom Bobo, and vegetarian escondidinho. They also offer fresh, detoxifying juices. Vegan Vegan goes gluten-free and organic whenever possible. And the healthy options are also well-received by body conscious Cariocas or after an especially adventurous night out.


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