Doni Clemons

Saara is a labyrinth of discount stores situated between Rua Uruguaiana and Avenida Presidente Vargas in the city's center. The 11 blocks are distinguished by colored flags that swing overhead from the light poles. You'll also know you are there when you see a dense crowd of people, packing the streets in search of great deals. Saara is a magnet for an average 70 thousand people per day. The area dates back to the 18th century, when Arab and Jewish merchants established the area as a place to trade and sell their wares. Today shoppers find
clothing, jewelry, souv​enirs, costumes (carnival), party supplies, toys, hair supplies… there is a store in the area for almost everything. An insider tip is to pick up your Havaianas or Ipanema flip flops, beach kanga (lightweight beach towel Cariocas use), and souvenir t-shirts here rather than the beach or more touristy areas – and you will be left with a few more reais for coconut waters and caipirinhas. However, be cautious of purchasing electronics as they may be more expensive and of lower quality than you might find at home.


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