Rio Boat Club

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Doni Clemons

Conceived by the same party-starters that bring Lapa Loca ,, and Arpex parties to the city. The bikini- and- Havaiana-clad crowd may seem a bit Spring Break-y. However, the allure of partying on a boat in Rio de Janeiro is undeniable. Once you’re on the boat, it’s full speed ahead, locally respected DJs play electronic music and funk Carioca. And Happy Hour on the boat takes things up a notch (or knot, nautically speaking).There is also another option of leaving on an earlier boat trip and catching the sun set over the Guanabara bay. There are no food offerings on the boat, so it would be wise to eat in advance. The motion of the boat coupled with alcohol on an empty stomach could be a bad combination.


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