Restaurante Fellini

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Doni Clemons

Eating at a Kilo (self-serve restaurant that prices the food you select by weighing it, per kilo) in Rio is part of a true Carioca experience. And if you find yourself in Zona Sul, Fellini should be included in at least one of your meal plans. Having been in Leblon for over twenty years, the restaurant is almost an institution, and it’s full house signifies that it’s a local favourite. It’s usually recommended to steer clear of places during busy times, but for kilos, it’s the opposite. My local tip is: the busier the place, the fresher the food. And Fellini is no exception. They manage to deliver just-leaving-the-kitchen Brazilian and European dishes for the best prices around (average plate is usually $12). They set themselves apart by offering higher-ticket items like sushi, salmon, filet mignon, homemade pastas and salads for the same price per weight. Many kilos in the city don’t offer as much assortment and when they do, there is special (read:higher) pricing for seafoods and expensive meats. Their food bar also includes desserts like chocolate dipped strawberries and mousse. Their multi-lingual staff is just as diverse as their meals and are as friendly on your first visit as if you had been visiting for 20 years.


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