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Doni Clemons

Copacabana is billed as the world's most famous beach. It stretches for for 2.2 miles (4 km) between Leme and Ipanema. Of course, the trademark black and white boardwalk lines the path and the imperiously regal Copacabana Palace sits across from the beach on Av NS de Copacabana. From Postos 2 (Dois) to Posto 6 (Seis) visitors will find generous mix of carioca retirees, tourists, gays and transvestites, and children from the nearby favelas. It is a great beach to really get a sense of the city, while relaxing with agua de coco (coconut water) straight from the coconut. Copacabana Fort (Forte de Copacabana) is to the right of the beach, dating back to 1914. Now it houses the Army Historical Museum. Alongside Forte de Copacabana, fisherman are situated at Posto de pescadores (fishermen’s post). In the morning, you can buy the fresh catch of the day. Also the Copacabana "quiosques" serve tasty and cheap appetizers of grilled shrimp, on skewers or by the plate.


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