Parque Lage

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Doni Clemons

Parque Lage of today is like a Taj Mahal of Rio, it was created in homage to a lover. The park changed hands several times before it was finally acquired by businessman Henrique Lage. Lage fell in love with Italian opera singer,Gabriela Besanzoni, married her and constructed their home drawing inspiration from Rome. The home is enveloped by lush gardens that are a part of the Tijuca National Park. It even features 12 huge fish tanks showcasing fish species native to Brazil. The couple became known for their lavish parties. Now the building is used as the visual arts school EAV, which often has art expositions at their gallery. Because of the beautiful surroundings, the breakfast a Parque Lage's Café du Lage, is also becoming somewhat of an institution


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