Papo Inicial

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Doni Clemons

This small bar with a homespun feel is tucked in lower Tijuca close to Praça Vanhargem. It’s dirt cheap prices and friendly service keep it packed. Most of the crowd goes to nearby UERJ and the others are locals from the neighborhood. Papo Inicial offers Heineken for one of the best deals in the city, only R$2.99! Don’t miss their signature drink, the CAIPILÉ, a caipivodka with Frutilly (a vodka caipirinha fashioned with a fruity popsicle). Papo Inicial’s specials extend to their bar foods like pastels and chicken fingers (which aren't as commonplace in Brazil as in some other countries as an appetizer). They also go beyond the typical with offerings like eggplant bruschetta.


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