Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Doni Clemons

The Osklen brand is known for being classic contemporary carioca style. If you want to dress as a posh local, walk a few blocks down, this is your store. Osklen is known for their accessible high-concept designs, and with over 60 locations throughout the country, the stores are accessible as well. The designer, Oskar Metsavaht, began his career as an orthopedic doctor but a climbing expedition to the Andes in the 1980’s peeked his intrest in fashion. The trip influenced Metsavaht to design and construct a high tech anorak, and the rest is fashion history. Now his classic yet fresh designs are readily embraced by surfers, moms and teens. Tops, shorts and sneakers that will take you from the beach to the party by the pool later that day. Osklen's love of culture is undeniable and exudes through his collections, often playing up references to music, architecture, art, and sports. The Osklen aesthetics encourage urban and nature, organic and technological to co-exist. Osklen incorporates the issues of environmental conservation and socio-environmental education as a strong part of their brand identity.


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