Nós do Morro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Doni Clemons

This theater started as a community theater project of journalist and actor Guti Fraga. Fraga began the theater in the favela (morro) of Vidigal over twenty years ago. Today Vidigal, located on the side of Leblon, is one of the most gentrified favelas, but when Fraga started the theater it was another story. A main goal of Nós do Morro is for community members to be able to tell their own stories.They perform works they create as well as classic theater. More recently, Nós do Morro began producing cinema projects. Actors that have gotten their start in the cultural center have gone on to grace the silver screen in Brazil’s popular novellas. Those looking to engage more with the community could pop in Thursday nights, when Nós do Morro shows a film followed by a discussion. In addition to some great theater, visitors can see one of the most stunning views of Rio from the theater’s balcony.


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