Níteroi Contemporary Art Museum

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Doni Clemons

The Níteroi Contemporary Art Museum was made a celebrated museum before a single piece of art graced it’s doors because of it's lead architect, Brazil’s beloved Oscar Niemeyer. Niemeyer said that when he saw the site where the museum was to be, he knew he had to preserve the view. His way of doing so was to create a round building so that none of Rio’s mountains or sea was cut off. Neimeyer’s consideration for the museum’s natural surroundings led to an avant-garde design that almost makes the museum look like a spaceship. Contemporary artists and lesser known names tend to get play at the Níteroi which keeps in line with the museum’s forward-thinking exterior. Cafeteria Bistrô MAC, the museum’s restaurant, often entices visitors beyond gastronomy. Cafeteria Bistrô MAC also has high-brow events that correspond with the artwork and private shows like Cha da tarde com Gilberto Gil (Afternoon Tea with Gilberto Gil). In addition to their international take on modern cuisine, Cafeteria Bistrô MAC hosts wine tastings and a breakfast buffet on Saturdays and Sundays.


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