MAR - Museum of Art Rio

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Doni Clemons

It’s recent opening in 2013 makes the MAR a newbie on Rio’s art scene. However, with over 2,000 people walking underneath their wavy sculptural roof per day---- the MAR has already begun making an impact. The striking waveform is actually the structure that Carioca architects, a Bernardes + Jacobs used to connect the two neighboring buildings that combine to form the MAR. One of them being an old bus station and the other a former Dom João VI mansion. It's located near Praça Mauá, in an area once neglected by the city that is now being revitalized as a reaction the upcoming world events in the city and it’s underused prime location. Thus far the museum has exhibited mostly Brazilian works and pieces by world famous artists about Brazil. It’s main focus has been breaking down barriers to art in the city. The museum is heavily focused on educational programming, especially within Rio’s public schools. They have dedicated an entire building to innovative programming called Escola do Olhar, which amongst other things, trains teachers on how to best present art education in their classrooms.


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