Tijuca Forest

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Doni Clemons

Tijuca Forest, the dense, emerald jewel of a tropical rain forest is also known as the Parque Nacional da Tijuca. Few can resist the enchantment of the waterfalls, caves, ponds, fountains, trails and lookouts. Once a part of a Brazilian nobleman's estate, it's now the third largest urban green area of the world. In addition to the exotic, monkeys, and flora and fauna of the Atlantic Rainforest, there are several sites within the park.The pink one-room, wooden Chapel Mayrink which is studded with murals by Candido Portinari, one of the most popular modern Brazilian artists is one example. And the iconic Cristo Rednentor is another. The park has popular trails for cycling, running and climbing. And also has designated areas for for barbecues and gatherings.


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