Bar Hipódromo

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Doni Clemons

Just about every neighborhood in Rio has a restaurant that become the most emblematic of the area. Usually favored by families during the daytime for lunch and by an adult crowd at night. The bohemian neighborhood of Baixo Gavea, is no different, except there is an entire cluster of restaurants instead of just one. All of them are decent and located close to the jockey club, but Bar Hipódromo is a popular standout. It is one of the originals on the strip and is named after the racetrack across the street. Bar Hipódromo is known for their light and crispy pastels, brazilian pastry dough stuffed with fillings like shrimp, chicken, ground beef or aipim (think empanadas). If you visit during dinner, go for their Carne Grelhada, grilled rump roast echoing the churrascaria style for which Brazil is famous or Picanha fatiada com farofa e fritas, sliced steak with french fries and farofa (toasted manioc flour). Economically priced, a pastel and beer will run you about $6. And in spite of the crowds, the food is ready quickly. If it's night, you can dine inside, then take your beer and join the groups of chill crowds that spill out of the bar into the streets. Just be sure to get there well before 1am, when crowds can no longer gather outside due to a "quiet law" enforced by the neighborhood.


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