Filé Mignon Bites at Arco do Teles

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Doni Clemons

The Arco do Teles is located in the center of Rio. It is made up of the arches that link the Rua do Ouvidor and the Travessa do Comercio. The area began as the former residence of the Teles family and is now noted for it’s architecture. Three of the original buildings in this area where partially destroyed in a fire in 1790, but many of the grand houses can still be seen today. Another famous resident, Carmen Miranda lived in the area. You can visit a museum in her honor here. Now there are several bars and restaurants in the area. Sometimes they open their doors and place tables and chairs outside to have outdoor parties and happy hours. Try Santa Fé's delicious and budget-friendly appetizer of Filé Mignon, the smoky flavors are reminiscent of a Brazilian Bar-B-Q.


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