Figueira Rubaiyat

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Doni Clemons

With eight other restaurants around the world, Figueira Rubaiyat, especially known for their high quality meats, has carved out a new space in the Rio gastronomic scene. Their prime Jockey club location has graceful architecture that overlooks the racetracks and reveals a view of Cristo Redentor. Everything is delivered with impeccable quality, many of their products, including cheeses, milk, and meats are produced directly on the Rubaiyat farm in Dourados, Mato Gosso do Sul. And in true Brazilian fashion, the meat takes center stage. An order of the famous baby beef is a winning choice. Try the Brangus breed or the Tropical Kobe Beef. All of the meat dishes they offer are accompanied by what the restaurant calls potato souffles- little crispy, airy, two-bite cuts of potatoes, that resemble puffed steak fries. Inspired by the city of Rio, this location also has original seafood plates. And about every two weeks Figueira Rubaiyat offers new food and wine pairings.


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