Feira do Rio Antigo

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Doni Clemons

Every first Saturday of the month Rua do Lavradio is lined with rows and rows of the red and white striped tents of the Feira do Rio Antigo. Many of Rio's best antiques and art dealers bring their most prized items to showcase and potentially sell at the fair. Vintage books are also amongst the rare finds shoppers can discover here mixed amongst the 400 stalls. Along with, vendors that sell artesanatos (handicrafts) and newer arts, accessories and clothing. The area used to be a bit desolate, until 1996 when nearby antique shop owners began ushering their wares outside to show off their best deals and socialize a bit. Now, not only is the Antiques fair an interesting place to shop because of the unique items, it's a cultural venue as well. Musicians show up, often dressed in costumes, playing samba and chorinho – traditional Brazilian music. Many locals show up to the fair simply to grab a table at one of the peripheral restaurants, and listen to music as they people watch.


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