Espaço 00

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Doni Clemons

Head to Gávea for a nightlife experience that's both sophisticated and otherworldly. Tucked just past the solar system and spaceships at the Planetário da Gávea, Rio's planetarium, is Espaço 00. How cool does it sound to go to the planetarium to party? Espaço 00 is one of those restaurant slash lounge slash dance floor hybrids and with it's modern interiors and equally hip public they make it work. The Djs and music vary, but are consistently fun and danceable. Sunday draws a mostly Gay crowd, and everyday draws a stylish, creative-industry folks. The restaurant itself has a dressy-casual menu with prices in the medium range. You can even order food from the bar and lounge if you want to skip sitting at a table.


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