Boteco Salvação

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Doni Clemons

The Casa da Matriz group is known for entertaining, they are the minds behind the Teater Odisséia and Albrg da Matriz performance spaces. Boteco Salvação is no different. Outfitted with kitschy, vintage inspired memorabilia, even the decor of Boteco Salvação is attention-grabbing. The pub-like diner hosts a range of attractions almost every night of the week. From Samba and soccer on Sundays to jazz night and retro lindy hop bands, there is something for most tastes that usually guarantees music with your meal. If music isn’t your thing, go for the nightly drink specials. Boteco Salvação’s 2 for 1 drink specials have made the spot perfect for locals’ after work get-togethers and celebrations. Each drink has its own night of the week. Tuesday is Mojito night. Drink one up alongside the popular homemade Rock burger.


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