Blue Man

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Doni Clemons

With it's clairvoyantly forward-thinking print-driven designs, Blue man seems as if it were just launched yesterday instead of in 1972. Blue man is Rio's most irreverent shop for swimwear.
For ladies, they are known for their skimpy but flattering bikini cut. Their sungas are also very popular for guys. Lady Gaga is a fan. During a recent performance in Rio, Lady Gaga bought a banana print swimsuit from Blue Man. One thing that sets them a part from other local brand is their emphasis on being "less tropical and more Brazilian." Their swimwear is also made of unconventional fabrics like denim and sheer. And were one of the first stores to allow the mixing of bikini patterns and prints for tops and bottoms. They also sell accessories, caps, bags, sandals- equally as sensational, of course.


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