Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Doni Clemons

Leave your Havaianas at home, when you visit Antiquarius. An award-winning treasure, widely touted for having the best Portuguese fare in Rio and for being a top restaurant in all of Brazil. Antiquarius has long solidified its standing as a venerable meeting place of politicians, soap opera stars, entrepreneurs and the upper crust of Rio and world-wide. The zealously attentive and passionately informed wait staff remind one of a gold-medal olympic team, only seeking to surpass their own personal best. Most of the trusted staff was a part of the original crew from Antiquarius beginnings in the late 70s when owner Carlos Perico opened Antiquarius. There are more than 300 combination options beyond what is listed on the Antiquarius menu and they are are your guides to what those unlisted combos are. For example the Alentejo pork, a fine-tuned combination of pork, clams, garlic, and Alentejo wine from Portugal. Surprise! You are also privy to numerous secret cod fish dishes via the mental Rolodex of your waiter. Finish your meal with a shot of a shot of Amarguinha, Portuguese almond liqueur. Graceful antiques contribute to the decor of the establishment - even in the bathrooms. And if you see any you’d like in your home dining room, they are available for purchase (between $500-$25,000).


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