Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Doni Clemons

Abaporu, named after a famous artwork by brazilian painter Tarsila do Amaral that has become as iconic for the country as American Gothic or the Mona Lisa. The dishes here are brimming with just as much national pride. Flavors from all over the country come together on plates served in this charming Copacabana gastrobistro. The service is Brazilian too---very friendly and familial. Cordon Bleu-trained chef Rebecca Cabot, changes the menu based on the local ingredients available in the country at the time. Cabot specializes in seafood dishes, but if the blood-marinated chicken is available, it is not to be missed. For less adventurous diners, there is usually a ceviche on the menu. Take advantage of the opportunity to try cajuína or guaraná Jesus here, very Brazilian but not widely available soft drinks.


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